Jain Institute of Vascular Sciences (JIVAS)

“A surgeon’s skills are measured by the way he handles the blood vessels”

Quoted William Halstead (famed American Surgeon) in 1930’s. Since then vascular surgery has grown in leaps bounds. Vascular surgery is complete holistic specialty offering care to those suffering from vascular diseases, which have increased exponentially in India. Vascular surgeon is truly a “vascular specialist” offering complete range of therapies for varied vascular problems, which no other specialty can deliver. JIVAS has truly embodied this spirit - a center of excellence providing comprehensive & integrated care for vascular diseases and diabetic foot problems with cutting edge technologies.

Jain Institute of Vascular Sciences (JIVAS) first started as Department of Vascular Surgery at BMJH in 2000. It was renamed JIVAS in 2002 reflecting the holistic approach to vascular diseases. JIVAS has several divisions which merge seamlessly to provide care for complex vascular problems and wide spectrum of arterial, venous diseases and diabetic foot problems. Diseases of all blood vessels (except the heart and inside the brain) are cared for by JIVAS. The hospital includes national and international patients visiting JIVAS due to the blend of skill and cutting edge technology used by the vascular surgeons. There has been escalation in the spectrum of procedures with increased minimally invasive peripheral Vascular Interventions performed. The academic excellence of the department is reflected by the number of publications and presentations of original papers in prestigious international conferences, apart from training in vascular surgery and diabetic foot care.

JIVAS is one of the premier and busiest departments in India. It is perhaps the only vascular department in India that provides care to patients of all economic strata, the richest to the poorest. Some of the “land marks” & achievements of JIVAS:

1. The second comprehensive and dedicated vascular department to be established in India.
2. First department to be recognized by National Board of Examiners for 18 month Fellowship in Peripheral Vascular Surgery
3. First department to be recognized India for super-specialty DNB in Peripheral Vascular Surgery.
4. One of the earliest vascular departments to offer minimally invasive endovascular procedures. Now one of the busiest endovascular centers in the country.
5. First to incorporate “Diabetic Foot Clinic” as an integral part of vascular department. This has made astonishing progress and has been recognized as a “Centre of Excellence” by World Diabetes Foundation, Denmark. Hundreds from across the country and about a dozen from around the world have been trained in foot care. Can boast of collecting the largest diabetic epidemiological data in India. Perhaps the first to have orthotic and gait analysis lab. The “Limb rehabilitation and gait training center” will be a unique facility adding to the already excellent facilities. 
6. The first vascular department to have completely dedicated floor with all categories of wards, operating rooms, Hybrid endovascular suite, exclusive ICU, dedicated & specialized nursing staff, along with facilities for extensive patient counseling , “LifeChange” clinic, acupuncture for pai relief, and dedicated “Day Care” facilities