Hejje - Diabetic Foot and Wound Care Center

Perhaps busiest such center in India, able to compete with any such across the world now will move to a larger, one of the best available facilities adjoining JIVAS OPD from March 2015. Recognized as “Center of Excellence” World Diabetes Foundation (WDF), Denmark, started as “diabetic foot clinic”, has grown beyond most optimistic predictions and caters for complete range diabetic foot and other wound problems. With over 7 crore (70 million) diabetics in India, the foot pathology is perhaps the most morbid and preventable complication of diabetes

  • Complete clinical evaluation and periodic master check-up program with stress on preventive care
  • Neuropathic evaluation with sensitometer and heat-cold perception device, apart from monofilament
  • Vascular evaluation with Doppler and physiologic testing if needed
  • Minor podiatry procedures like corns and callus removal, in growing toe nail,chiropody etc.
  • Preventive and customized footwear, manufactured within our facility and some outsource, healing shoes for patients with ulcers.
  • Total contact casting, air cat shoes for problems like Charcot foot
  • Computerized foot mapping for bio mechanical evaluation of the foot at risk.
  • Anodyne (MIRE) therapy for refractory neuropathy for symptomatic relief
  • We also provide advanced wound care services like VAC (vacuum assisted closure) and Ultrasonic wound cleaning
  • We are proud have an Orthopedic surgeon specializing in foot and ankle suurgery in our team for major procedures and care of complex foot problems
  • Addition of well equipped and staffed “Rehabilitation & gait training Center” will enhance the existing facilities
  • The rural, charitable services of this division well known and perhaps the highest number evaluated with epidemiological data comes from these services
  • Conceptual pictures of extended foot Clinic (may 2016)
  • For structured, periodic “Diabetic Foot Master Check Up” call 080 2220 7188